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        1. —They have been to Australia.

        —So _____ I.

        A.do B.have been C.did D.have

        2. The population of Shanghai is larger than _____ of Shenyang.

        A.that B.it C.one D.this

        3. —_____ the population of the U.S.A. in 2005?

        —It _____ about 296 million.

        A. What is; is B.What was; was

        C. How many is; was D. How many was; is

        4. _____ of the teachers are women in our school.

        A. Two third B.Two threes C.Two thirds D.Second three

        5. He’s read this book before, _____?

        A.hasn’t he B.doesn’t he C.isn’t he D.wasn’t he

        6.The _____ population may be the greatest challenge of the world today.

        A.increase B.increased C.increasing D.increases

        7. The little girl has _____ finished reading the book you lent her.

        A.already B.yet C.still D.once

        8. —What has happened in your hometown?

        —Great changes _____ in my hometown recently.

        A.have been taken place B.have taken place

        C.have been happened D.was happened

        9. Students today have a lot of pressure _____ they have to learn too much knowledge at school.

        A.in order to B.unless C. because D.because of

        10. —I have never visited a paper factory.


        A.So have I. B.So I have. C.Neither have I. D.I haven’t now.

        11. You’d better ______ some money for special use.

        A. pick up B. give away

        C. put off D. set aside

        12. In order to ________ with the advanced countries, we must keep learning.

        A. get along B. put up

        C. catch up D. go on

        13. In the following group of words, there is one underlined part with a different sound. You are required to pick it out.

        A. satisfaction B. vocation C. question D. addition

        14. In the following group of words, there is one underlined part with a different sound. You are required to pick it out.

        A. supply B. simply C. only D. calmly

        15. It is widely believed that it is ________ respects others that will be respected.

        A. anyone B. the person C. whoever D. who

        16 . —Could you do me a favor?

        —It depends on _______ it is.

        A. which B. whichever C. what D. whatever

        17. There are two _______ in the garden.

        A. orange tree B. oranges trees C. orange trees D. oranges tree

        18. I paid $10 for ________ this morning.

        A. 4 bottle milks B. 4 bottles of milk

        C. 4 bottle of milks D. milk

        19. Jim was late for two classes this morning. He said that he forgot both of the _______.

        A. rooms number B. room number

        C. room’s number D. room numbers

        20. That’s her ______ mother.

        A. cousin’s Tommy’s B. cousin Tommy’s

        C. cousin Tommy D. cousin’s Tommy


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